Vigorous Opposition to Generator

Vigorous Opposition to Generator

The plans for a gas-fired peaker generator plant to be built adjacent to the Holland Marsh continue to move forward despite tremendous opposition from all over the Township. Steve vigorously opposes the construction of this plant and went before Council in April 2008 to ask Council to take a strong stand against it. Two years later, the plans for the plant are still progressing at a rapid pace and our Council is still not presenting strong opposition to this health and environmental hazard.

On Monday August 23rd, Steve along with many other King residents, went before Council to again present their opposition. Here is what Steve said:

Madame Mayor, Members of Council I stand before you with a sense of déjà vu… I say that because back on April 28th, 2008 I did a deputation in which I stated that Council has 2 main functions: an administrative role and a representative role. Effective councils focus their attention on the representative role and allow the expert staff to deal with the administrative aspects of the Township.

 At that time I asked that you represent us, the residents… the taxpayers. To take a strong stand against this plant!

I have with me that package of minutes sent by the Township clerk which were duly recorded. These minutes also contained remarks from other residents voicing their concern and opposition to the generator – along with staff and Council’s comments.

At that time Council chose to wait for legal advice before taking a position, which turned out never to come. In point of fact the lawyer involved was removed because of a potential conflict. Finally, on July 2 after all other municipalities had declared their opposition, King followed.

I believe you ducked the issue by playing with time, with the result that a municipality such as ours, which claims to be green, was the last municipality to oppose the generator.

We cannot repeat our mistakes and must do what ever is possible to stop this environmental and health hazard.

I do understand that we are not privy to your in-camera sessions in which you receive legal advice. That being said, as a taxpayer, resident, a neighbour of the Holland Marsh and in particular a father of 5, I wish to go on the public record with my stance on this issue. 

No one, and I mean no one, can guarantee that a fossil fuel burning generator will have no adverse effects on the surrounding area and the health of our families and that’s a FACT! This project is absolutely worth fighting against.

This is 100% NIMBY and should be for the entire Township. And what is wrong with that? We do not need it nor do we want it and the closed-door dealing on the financial benefits will never ever equate to the risk of the health of even one person, let alone the potential degradation of one of Ontario’s most valued farming areas.

So tonight I ask again please vigorously represent your constituents and stop the construction of a gas-powered generator in the Holland Marsh.

Thank you.

More and more people are recognizing that Steve will provide King with strong Leadership that they can Trust to represent them in the face of these very large challenges that King faces.

There are many opportunities for you to meet Steve and discuss your views and concerns with him. You will see him out in the Township every day meeting people and sharing his vision for King. During September there will be a series of Meet and Greet events across the Township where you can meet Steve. Bring your friends and neighbours to hear him and learn why so many King voters believe he should be our next mayor.